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ET Department

It is intended to help young human resources in the border region learn the basics of electrical generation and electrical distribution, as well as to handle and maintain electrical infrastructure.

Because it is a border school, it is being taught to continue participating in educational calls to China, and to generate more excellent students to gain more employment opportunities.

1Daw Ei Ei Zin MinAGTI(EP)Lecturer
2Daw Ei Pwint PhyuBE(EP)Assistant Lecturer
3Daw Lae Yi WinBE(EC)Tutor
4Daw Khaing Ye MonAGTI(EP)Laboratory Technician(1)
5Daw Mya Sandar LinnAGTI(EP)Laboratory Technician(4)
6Daw Wai Mar AungGTHS(ET)Laboratory Technician(5)